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January 2, 2014
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Support Spindles and Bowls
Members of the Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild asked us to make some
support spindle bowls and spindles.  After researching the market for shaft
lengths, tip shapes and bowl sizes, we made our first batch.  They have been
very well received  with several members scooping them up.  Consequently, we
have decided to bring them to market.

The shafts are all made of bamboo for strength and straightness.  They are
turned on the lathe twice to shape the tips, to sand and to have a light finish
applied. The light finish helps to keep the shaft clean but at the same time allows
enough "bite: to help hold your fiber. The whorls are made from a variety of
heavy woods to maximize spin times.

The bowls are turned from select North American Cherry.  They have multiple
coats of a walnut oil and beeswax finish applied.  This finish feels especially nice
in the hand.  Each bowls is approximately 2.25 inches in diameter.  Each one has
its own unique shape and detail added.  The inside is cone shaped to hold the
support spindle in the proper orientation for comfortable spinning.

The retail price point for our Support spindles are:   $25-35
                           Support Bowls are:         $30-40

Wholesale inquiries - click here.

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see samples of some of the whorl woods we use.
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