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January 2, 2014
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Mini Drop Spindles
True Creations Mini Drop Spindles have evolved through a design/evaluate/modify
process with spinning experts over this past summer. They have been wildly
successful. Customers love the rim weighting as it provides very long spin times.
Our designs feature the natural beauty of the exotic woods we use for our whorls.

The shafts are turned on the lathe twice to shape the tips, to sand and to have a
light finish applied. The light finish helps to keep the shaft clean but at the same
time allows enough "bite: to help hold your fiber. The shafts on our minis are 1/4"
diameter allowing users to obtain a higher RPMs, maximizing spin times.

The whorls are turned four times to ensure balance and allows the beauty of the
wood to be maximized.

Each whorl typically has four hand cut notches to prevent fiber slippage.  Four
notches allows you maximum flexibility to bring your fiber to the hook, no matter
if you like to put a S or a Z twist into your fiber.

True Creations mini spindles weigh between .5 and .9 oz, have a whorl diameter
of 2 to 3 inches and a shaft length between 7 and 9 inches.

The retail price point for our Mini Drop Spindle is:   $50

Wholesale inquiries welcome.
Click on left images to see examples of our Mini
spindles and see samples of the whorl woods we use.